Yoga Retreat – Level 2 – Espanola, Ontario

Theme: Managing Emotions 

We experience emotions all the time as a result of what we perceive through our senses.  Most of the time emotions are a impulsive response.  This retreat will help us to learn how to be aware of our perceptions in order to manage our emotions in a healthy way.

Enjoy time learning Yoga techniques that help us get in touch with our feelings. Getting in touch with our feelings is the pathway back to gaining confidence and awareness in our lives. Know more about yourself.

Level 1 retreat must be experienced prior to Level 2.

The program is delivered by Yoga Master Arturo García, founder of the Mexican Yoga Alliance and Dharma Yoga Association.



Mar 19th & 26th (Two day retreats from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m.)


20 Beauchamp Dr / (Directions)

Given by:

Arturo García  (clic here to see his Bio)
(Teacher Trainer – Master of Yoga – Therapeutic Yoga Instructor)

General program:

First day:
– Registration
– Session: Introduction
– What are emotions – Basic emotions
– Yoga practice:  Strengthening our emotional response
– Yoga practice: Releasing emotional memory
– Meditation – Nada Yoga
– Session: The ego and the True Self
– Practice: Muhka-Asanas
– Yoga practice: move emotional memory
– Session: Am I addicted to my emotion(s)?
– Circle
Second day:
– Video: Bio-chemical response to emotions
– Pranayama: Breathing exercises
– Yoga practice: the present moment
– Meditation: Making a mandala
– Yoga practice
– Meditation using mudras
– Session: The illusion of control
– Practice: Tibetan walk
– Circle

Cost of each day retreat:

* Regular Yoga students (with Arturo): $98 (attending at least 4 yoga classes per month)
* Non students: $133
* You can repeat a level for: $49 each day retreat

What to bring?

  • Comfortable clothes for Yoga practice
  • Yoga mat
  • Notebook and pen


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