Yoga Retreat – Level 3 – Espanola, Ontario

Theme: Accomplishing Goals

Each time a year ends, a new light is born within us that invites us to reflect on our experiences. This energy drives us to start new projects or finish previous ones.

Many times this light from within goes out before we achieve our goals and hopes disappear before they are realized. Not knowing how to focus this inner light, we get wrapped up in our everyday routines and after a while we can’t remember that a goal was even established.

This retreat is a way of assimilating the past as it was, understanding the present moment as our only reality and projecting our potential to develop and build our future.

I invite you to participate in this retreat where Renovation is the key word. We will be working with yoga and meditation practices to understand the nature of this renewed energy that surrounds us every time a cycle ends and another begins.


  • how to assimilate your past experiences and work with a grateful and forgiving approach to heal your present.
  • to use Sankalpas work as a way to focus your attention and energy towards achieving future purposes.
  • about your conscious mind, but mainly about your subconscious mind and how to communicate with it.
  • And above all, learn to enjoy your present, regardless of the successes you do or do not achieve.


Level 1 and Level 2 retreats must be experienced prior to Level 3.

The program is delivered by Yoga Master Arturo García, founder of the Mexican Yoga Alliance and Dharma Yoga Association in Mexico.


Aug 5th & 12th – (two day retreats – from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. each)


20 Beauchamp Dr / (Directions)

Given by:

Arturo García  (clic here to see his Bio)
(Teacher Trainer – Master of Yoga – Therapeutic Yoga Instructor)

General program:

First day:
– Registration
– Session: Introduction
– Yoga practice
– Meditation
– Activity – Personal time
– Yoga practice
– What is a sankalpa?
– Activity – Personal time
– Group meditation
– Prosperity
– How to create a sankalpa?
– Create and review your sankalpa
– Yoga nidra I – setting up your sankalpa
Second day:
– Mudras
– Making your sankalpa work – “The big secret”
– Yoga Practice
– Yoga nidra II
– Personal time
– Meditation
– Yoga practice
– Transform goals to sankalpas
– Review sankalpas
– Personal time / karma yoga
– Pranayama – breathing exercises
– Meditation
– Final session – circle


Cost of each day retreat:

* Regular Yoga students (with Arturo): $98 (attending at least 4 yoga classes per month)
* Non students: $133
* You can repeat a level for: $49 each day retreat

What to bring?

  • Comfortable clothes for Yoga practice
  • Yoga mat
  • Notebook and pen



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